Hi, I'm Linda!  Thanks for visiting my website! 

I run a one-woman business called ForYouByMamie.  My grandchildren call me Mamie, so "Mamie" became part of my shop name.  I love creating my bags, and after years of making them for friends and family I decided to go into business. 

Did you know that handbags were originally only used by men to carry money and papers, similar to briefcases?  But once pockets were introduced into men's clothing, women took over the style.  It coincided with the advent of traveling by train.  Women needed to carry their "particulars" without  depending on their husband.  It also was a sign of independence and empowerment, giving women greater privacy and control of their personnel items.  

Our choice of handbag is an extension of our inner selves.  Are you quiet and introspective?  A subtle, subdued design may be perfect for you.  Do you have a bold side, ready to take on every challenge head-on?  Then a brighter statement bag may be your signature.  

At ForYouByMamie,LLC, I am committed to match your style while we work together designing the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece you will be proud to own for years to come. My bags are constructed using cottons and cork - an eco-friendly leather alternative.  No animal will be hurt by the bags I construct! 

Although I don't design the patterns, I often modify parts of them based on what works for each of my clients.  Choosing the fabrics, colors, and matching hardware are exciting aspects of creating each unique purse. 

Let's design one together!

Choose from the selection shown or contact me for other options. 

I specialize in custom orders and look forward to working with you to design your perfect bag!!