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Eco-Friendly Bags for the Modern Consumer


Where Fashion Meets Sustainability

From the moment you reach out to inquire about our products or place an order, I am dedicated to offering prompt and personalized assistance. I understand that each customer is unique with specific preferences and requirements, and I am here to listen and cater to your needs. 



Unique Handcrafted Purses, Wallets & Totes

Welcome to ForYouByMamieLLC, your ultimate destination for exquisite fashion accessories from Hackettstown, New Jersey. As a one-woman business, I take great pride in handcrafting unique bags that are tailored just for you. With a passion for sewing that reignited during the pandemic, I began by creating masks and children's clothes. 

Who We Are

Hi, I'm Linda, the creative force behind ForYouByMamieLLC. With a passion for design and sustainability, I started crafting handmade bags to combine my love for fashion with eco-friendly practices. Each bag is meticulously designed and crafted by hand, ensuring that every piece is a unique reflection of my dedication to quality and style. When I'm not in my studio, you can find me playing with my dog and cat, working in my former profession as a substitute math teacher, or experimenting with new styles and techniques. Join me on this journey of creativity and conscious living!"

But that's not all!  At ForYouByMamieLLC I offer personalized consultations, working closely with you to create collections for special events.  Do you need gifts for a wedding party, or other celebrations?  We can choose the style and colors together.  

 Every bag is constructed using eco-friendly cotton and cork, providing a sustainable, vegan and stylish alternative to traditional leather or vinyl.  

Your satisfaction is my utmost priority, and I take great joy in knowing that the bags I create will be cherished for years to come.  Feel free to explore my website or get in touch with me directly at (908) 303-3997 to start our journey in creating a handbag that is exclusively yours.  Either way, you will have something you will be proud to carry wherever life takes you!


Your Destination for Unique Custom-Made Bags

I specialize in creating custom-made bags that are tailored to your unique preferences. I am thrilled to collaborate with you to design the perfect bag that complements your individual style. With a focus on premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship, I ensure that every bag is a true masterpiece.


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